The Wholesome Truth



The Wholesome Truth:

“Do you solemnly swear to tell the truth, the whole truth and nothing but the truth, so help you God?”

The waters get murky when people suggest a definition for truth. While that can’t always be agreed upon in a society where standards are becoming increasingly flexible (from morals to education standards) – we can all look toward what is not true: Fake News.

Fake News comes from dubious sources… so does our self-image.

We’re the normal people we grew up with, we know all our own secrets, mistakes and the general mess that we, as human beings are.

Nobody’s perfect. Even our plastic filled celebrities.

Here’s the good thing: we can monitor our fake news intake – just like we can with our ideas and self-talk.

If it bugs you – do something about it.

If its not true – don’t lie to yourself about it – fix the issue.

Fix the issue you don’t like and make it a non-issue.

Ignoring problems will not control them.

It makes no sense to ignore the leak in your roof, until the entire ceiling collapses. Yet, psychologically that’s what we do – whether its a personal issue, a relationship issue, a political, national or security issue.

The point of telling the truth on the witness stand is, “This is what I saw.” However, in a courtroom, others step in and add, “This is what I saw.”

When the multiple, ‘I saw…’ testimonies agree with the evidence of the thing did – a sentence is passed down and written into the law as a true series of events. While a judge or jury in a court hands down a sentence of punishment or freedom, – know that those around you are not always like that.

(And you can find and monitor your intake of their attitudes as well.)

Surround yourself with people who can say, “This is what I see in you. And its good.”

Also – listen to them when they say, “This is a problem that I see in you. Please fix it – for yourself, your health, our friendship/relationship, and because I’m concerned about you.”

These are your friends. These are the people who are going to pick you off the ground when you’re too worn down to get out of the way of the moving vehicle. They see things that you don’t. Give them the trust and honor of being your potential future rescuers by listening to their small concerned interventions today.

They know who you are – even if you don’t always agree with them. They’re the ones when you take that nasty self-image in your mind – they stand behind you and declare, “No! That’s not the person I see.”

If you don’t have people like that in your life – find them. Find people willing to show you the wholesome truth about yourself – especially when you look in the mirror and say, “I can’t.”

About the Photograph: During World War II, Reinhard Heydrich, the chief of the SS (Hitler’s ‘security’ troops, who were mostly responsible for war crimes such as the Holocaust, imprisonment of those who resisted Hitler’s rules in thought or action, and generally brutal toward occupied populations.) was assassinated by the Czech Resistance. In revenge, Hitler ordered that the village of Lidice be completely destroyed. The men and boys over 16 years old were shot. The village was burned and completely obliterated. The women were sent to various concentration camps throughout Germany, with most of them ending up in Ravensbruck. About 90 children were shipped out as well. This is a 1947 photograph from the Nuremberg Trials showing the swearing in of one of the survivors of Lidice, fifteen year old Maria Dolezalova. She was ten when her village was destroyed.


Information on Maria Dolezalova:

Information on Reinhard Heydrich:

Information regarding the Witness Stand and Oath:


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